NCBA President-elect plans for term

NCBA President-elect J.D. Alexander (Journal photo by Kylene Scott.)

President-elect J.D. Alexander spoke during the second General Session at the NCBA Cattle Industry Convention and Trade Show Feb. 2. Alexander has a lot of plans for his upcoming term.

“I pledge to you my top priority will be as your president is to do all that I can do to build the demand for beef and producer profitability,” Alexander said. “This can only be accomplished if we are allowed to operate without government intervention, and most importantly, if decisions are made to ensure the future generations of our families can take over the businesses.”

Alexander touched on the death tax, one of NCBA’s important priorities for 2012. Implemented during WWI, the law is antiquated he said.

“Our industry is in serious danger if “should be illegal laws” are made to stifle the next generation. The death tax is the biggest deterrent for young producers to return to our industry.” Alexander said. “What we need now are jobs, a stable economy and food for an ever-growing population. Leading the next generation to choose a life they love or the inability to pay for the estate tax is not something we will tolerate. We’ll be working extremely hard to get a permanent fix on the situation.”

Another important issue, trade, was discussed—reference in particular to the free trade agreements with Columbia, Panama and South Korea.

“When trade works, the world wins. Our value increases as much as $250/head and consumers from sea to shining sea have the access to safe and nutritious beef,” Alexander said. “It took years of work and persistence to actually get this accomplished. We must be at the table to shape the menu of these global customers and ensure implementation of these agreements. We must continue to urge for sound science to shape the import standards of our global partners.”

Since 2012 is an election year, Alexander also wants to evoke change in the people representing cattlemen in Washington D.C.

“2012 will be a key election year,” he said. “What we will do is try and influence and elect members of congress who have a little “cow sense.” We’ll do all that we can do to elect officials who actually understand the importance of the cattle industry.”

Alexander said he and his team have their work cut out for them this year.

“Working together with our affiliates, we’ll be at the table and off the menu and we will continue to engage our members of Congress,” he said. “Working together with our qualified state beef councils we’ll continue to work with the federation building demand and capitalize on educational opportunities afforded by you for our affiliation with NCBA. We will build on the successes of 2011. Ladies and gentlemen, 2012 will go down as one of the best years to be a cattlemen.”



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Author:Kylene Scott

Associate Editor for High Plains Journal.


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